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4 Ways to Improve Your Retention in Learning Right Now

Have you ever asked yourself why you might like to have someone show you something before you can understand it?

Maybe you are the type of person that likes to read, then recite the information back to yourself to store it in memory.

Or, let’s say that you need to watch a video so that you can validate the meaning of what you have been reading.

The above examples refer to different learning styles.

What are learning styles?

The definition is: an individual’s learning style refers to the preferred way in which a person absorbs, processes, comprehends, and retains information.

1. Know your learning style

If you don’t know your learning style, then take the short VARK Quiz. Knowing your style will help you to start maximizing your learning experience.

2. Modify your learning experiences to match your style.

Modifying the experience is vital because knowing your learning style will help you learn better, more quickly, and have a better understanding of what you are trying to comprehend.

3. Repetition

Repetition helps to retain knowledge. Try to make sense of what you are trying to learn by recalling the information immediately after the training.

4. Chunking down

Chunking down is breaking the data you have learned into small facts. Our brain could retain and absorb more information if it processed this way.

Making these four small steps can lead to having a better learning experience.

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